Environmental Policy

• Maintain an environmental management system to ensure on-going compliance with all relevant environmental standards and legislation.
• Increase awareness of our environmental impact amongst our employees, contractors and customers.
• Monitor our consumption of primary raw materials (water, energy etc.) and implement the principles of reduction, reuse and recycling across all our activities to minimise within the constraints set by our activities programme, the waste and CO2 emissions produced as a result of our activities.
• Ensure environmental performance of equipment, materials and prospective suppliers is considered in our supply processes.
• Encourage the use of modes of transport by AK Briggs Energy and Technical Services and their contractors to minimise their environmental impact, promoting the use of technologies that reduce the need for travel.
• Develop our systems of work in an environmentally sustainable manner, seeking to protect natural habitats and local wildlife, minimising light pollution and preserving biodiversity in partnership with local communities.
• Review annually AK Briggs Energy and Technical Services environmental policy and performance and set realistic environmental objectives against which the improvement in our environmental performance can be monitored.